My work consists in discovering and telling stories. Always it is fragments collected from situations apart and lives afar, I knead them, blow on them, and that’s when they sing together as a quire. My senses are voracious.

Digging away the floor in hidden archives, I have recovered the recipe of meals eaten by medieval poets. Gorging like an ant bear.

I interbreed digital textures with analogue film supports, if I need photography.

As sculptor, I forge the mechanism for an army of plant-seeds’ catapults. The late environmental-art pieces look like collective telepathic exercises, which seems a consistent way to prevent more trash in the ecosystem.

The gathering of selected trashes is itself a great part of my work. I collage, or melt, or write, merging together the fragments. And when it appears it is done.




As visual artist my practice focuses on linear and non-linear narration. I combine photography, moving image, installation, sculpture, environmental art, and experimental live art.


I see the arts influencing collective imagination powerfully, and I perceive them as a non-violent opportunity to change History.

Interested in operational realism (the presentation of the functional sphere in an aesthetic arrangement) I often design collective actions using different media. I like to combine industrial materials with delicate handcraft, selected trash with fashion, precious minerals and ancestral recipes.

Narrative as an art form is essential in my communication with public.

My work has been shown at venues and events such as: 54th International Art Exhibition of Venice Biennale, Museum Soares dos Reis, Kiasma Museum of contemporary art, Casablanca Biennale, Manege gallery State Museum Hermitage, Finnish Museum of Photography, Baltic Biennale, EMMA Museum of Modern Art of Espoo, Loop Barcelona, National Centre for Contemporary Arts Moscow, Transmediale, Centro Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea Castello Colonna in Rome.

Since 2005 I live and work in Helsinki. I am member of Catalysti association of Transcultural Artists in Finland; Pixelache trans-disciplinary platform for experimental art, research and activism; Maatiainen association and Muu Association of Artists in Finland.

I have been awarded with the Felice Casorati archive prize, and I have been supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture, Kone Foundation, Svenska kulturfonden, the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, The Finnish Music Foundation, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Oskar Öflund Foundation and by private collectors.

I have been collaborating with Jytte Hill, Erika De Martino, Timo Tuhkanen, Willem Wilhelmus, Nastia Eliseeva, Sepideh Raha, Giorgio Convertito, Anna-Lea Kopperi, Marko Timlin.

I co-founded Namastic Art Collective, a non-profit organization dealing with exhibitions, workshops and events.