Numbers Are

It is a photo series, printed on Museum Archival paper, Edition 5, Helsinki 2016. Premiered by Egle Oddo and Timo Tuhkanen at Casablanca Biennale.

The Land Singing

An installation performance by Egle Oddo and Timo Tuhkanen

PPP - Heart of the Screen

The series is a fictional elaboration based on biographical elements of poet and cinema director Pier Paolo Pasolini. In an interview in 1971 with Enzo Biagi, Pasolini says that his work with film was simply the continuation of the poetic work he started at a very young age, implying a natural contiguity between his production with words and with moving image. He describes the difference of medium as almost irrelevant and insists that what is important, the ethical and mythological dimensions of life, are beyond medium.

How to Inhabit a Transitory Space

HITS is an ongoing project started by artist Egle Oddo in 2008 and conducted in collaboration with the participants. The main goal is to offer creative tools to improve the dialogue between people and public space. HITS is realised in collaboration with Art School Maa.

D.R.A.F. - Digital Relations in Archival Form

The author meets her subjects on a screen and explores the intersection of technology and identity. While technology will never define us, it profoundly influences the way we define ourselves.