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Whilst the general atmosphere is shadowed by intolerance, prejudice and growing fear, Italian artist Egle Oddo keeps on working for opposite goals. The artist will utilise the means of collective struggle in a playful manner by organising SEED BOMBS Kill Only Boring Gardens! -workshop for public as part of Kontula Electronic festival 2017.

Children and adults are invited to Emännänpuisto in Kontula on Sunday 23 April at 15.00 to build seed bombs together with the artist. Seeds bombs are small, fragile, harmless objects that contain plant seeds: when thrown to the ground, preferably in a garden, they don’t explode but break apart releasing the seeds, which will then spread, grow and flower. Workshop is open for everyone, for all ages and all languages, no sign-up required: first 12 participants will be taken in. Duration of the workshop is one hour.


SEED BOMBS workshop is part of Egle Oddo’s ongoing Ark of Seeds project, a larger series of artworks which main goal is to preserve and share natural seeds from edible and non-edible species of plants, protecting them and ensuring biodiversity on the planet also in future. The project is supported by Kone Foundation and by Svenska kulturfonden.


The event is part of Kontula Electronic 2017 festival:

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SEED BOMBS KILL ONLY BORING GARDENS!-verkstaden – på Kontula Electronic 2017- festivalen

SEED BOMBS Kill Only Boring Gardens-verkstad

Tidpunkt: Söndag 23.4.2017 kl. 15-16

Plats: Husmorsparken, Gårdsbacka

Emedan den allmänna atmosfären skuggas av intolerans, fördomar och ökad oro, arbetar den italienska konstnären Egle Oddo för ett tolerantare samhälle. SEED BOMBS Kill Only Boring Gardens – verkstaden utnyttjar medborgarolydighet på ett kreativt sätt genom att tillsammans med deltagarna bygga fröbomber i syfte att så färgglädje och mångfaldighet i omgivningen. Verkstaden är en del av årets Kontula Electronic festivalprogram.

Verkstaden är öppen för barn och vuxna i alla åldrar, utan krav på förhandsanmälningar eller språkkunskaper. De tolv första på plats kl.15 får delta i verkstaden. Fröbomberna som tillverkas i verkstaden är små, sköra och ofarliga föremål av lera innehållande frön. När fröbomben kastas i naturen – helst i trädgården – går den sönder varefter fröna frigörs, sprids, växer och blomstrar.

SEED BOMBS- verkstaden är en del av konstnären Egle Oddos fleråriga projekt Ark of Seeds, vars syfte är att bevara och sprida ätbara och icke-ätbara frösorter och på så sätt bevara den biologiska mångfaldigheten även i framtiden. Ark of Seeds projektet finansieras av Konestiftelsen och Svenska kulturfonden. (Seed Bombs evenemang på Facebook) (Kontula Electronic evenemang på Facebook)


Egle Oddo



Vaikka rasismi, suvaitsemattomuus ja terrorismin pelko värittävät yhteiskunnallista ilmapiiriä, Suomessa asuva taiteilija Egle Oddo jatkaa työtään avoimemman yhteiskunnan puolesta. Osana tämänvuotista Kontula Electronic 2017 -festivaalia sunnuntaina 23.4.2017 järjestettävä Seed bombs kill only boring gardens! –työpaja hyödyntää laittoman kansalaistottelemattomuuden mahdollisuuksia luovalla tavalla: rakentamalla yhdessä osallistujien kanssa siemenpommeja, joiden tarkoitus on kylvää ympäristöön väriloistoa ja moninaisuutta.

Emännänpuistossa Kontulassa sunnuntaina 23.4.2017 klo 15-16 järjestettävä työpaja on avoin lapsille ja aikuisille, ennakkoilmoittautumista tai kielitaitoa ei tarvita: työpajan alussa 12 ensin paikalle tullutta mahtuu mukaan.

Työpajassa savesta valmistettavat siemenpommit ovat pieniä, särkyviä ja vaarattomia esineitä jotka sisältävät siemeniä: kun pommi heitetään luontoon – mieluiten puutarhaan – se hajoaa ja vapauttaa siemeniä, jotka leviävät, kasvavat ja kukkivat.

SEED BOMBS –työpaja on osa taiteilija Egle Oddon monivuotista, laajempaa Ark of Seeds -projektia, jonka tavoitteena on säilyttää ja levittää syötävien ja ei-syötävien lajien siemeniä ja siten säilyttää lajien monimuotoisuus myös tulevaisuudessa.

Kone Säätiö ja Svenska kulturfonden.


Työpaja kuuluu Kontula Electronic 2017 –festivaalin oheisohjelmistoon:

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taiteilija Egle Oddo,

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In a general climate where intolerance and closure seem to be high in fashion, we propose a workshop to deal with collective struggle and frustration in a playful manner. Let’s build seed bombs together!

What is a seed bomb?

It is a small, fragile, innocuous object that contains plant seeds. If thrown to the ground, preferably in a garden, it does not explode; it just breaks open releasing the seeds, which will grow, and flower.



(image The Flower Thrower, copyright: Banksy)




Place: ARTSI, Vantaa Art Museum.

Days and time: 2 days, 18 and 19.3.2017 from 13:30 to 15:30.

Age: from 5 to 70 years old; full access.

Languages: None and all.

How to Enrol: First 12 people sitting at the table day 18.3 at 13.30 are in.






16 December 2016 at 18:00, at the House of Music, curators Eva Comuzzi and Orietta Masin open the twelfth edition of the Contemporary Art Festival of Cervignano del Friuli.

For this exhibition the curators have selected my installation Flower of Freedom, created in 2012.


About the work: “Immaginate un presepe come lo farebbe un bambino che ha appena guardato un telegiornale. C’è tutto quello che sconvolge i grandi, la guerra, la catastrofe ecologica, i drammi umani, con i colori dell’industria d’intrattenimento. La logica del gioco è quasi la stessa quando regola le avventure al parco o la borsa dei valori. I bambini però hanno prospettive straordinarie e vedono storie diverse nella Storia. Per un momento le proporzioni così rimpicciolite e domestiche rendono tutto plausibile e anodino, ma la psiche collettiva si riflette distorta e dolorante. Da qualche parte c’è un fiore di plastica dentro una bolla di vetro, e un viso di carne che lo guarda.”

Shine on you crazy diamond, – reference to the song dedicated by Pink Floyd to Syd Barrett, who left the group because of his mental derailments – investigates the theme of movement and the kind of lunacy related to it. Specifically, it tries to open a window on whether the concept of neurosis has changed and how it is spreading rapidly in this era characterized by continuous displacement, insecurity and fear fed under those forms, seemingly protective, named as control and prevention.

The exhibition present the works of Anna Capolupo, Elena Del Fabbro, Andrea Dojmi, Sabino Donda, Pierpaolo Febbo, Fenghi Luca, Alessandro Fogar, Richard Coats, Emma Grace, Egle Oddo, Domenico Mangano, Corinne Mazzoli, Dario Molinaro, Federica Partinico Daniele Pezzi Ettore Pinelli, Moira Ricci, rara.mentegruppo, Raffaele Santillo, Lucia Veronesi, Mario Vignando.

As in previous editions the concept involves a cross-disciplinary approach. The showcase offers a cultural path that unfolds mainly in the streets and squares of Cervignano del Friuli, involving some of its most representative places: the House of Music, the church of St. Jerome, the former furniture factory Bertoni (today Gallery Bertoni) already home to diverse cultural initiatives and fine example of reuse of abandoned spaces, the square of St. Jerome; the show extends its display in Udine at the gallery of Contemporary Art of Palazzo Marcotti Chiozza in Campolongo Tapogliano and at the Theatre Palamostre.

The project is promoted by ARCI Cervignano with the support and patronage of the Municipality of Cervignano del Friuli, by the Municipality of Campolongo Tapogliano, and the Bank of Cividale. It was developed in collaboration with the Department of Culture of Cervignano del Friuli, Department of Culture of Campolongo Tapogliano. Thanks to: CSS – Theatre of Innovation in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Vivacomix, Public Library Giuseppe Zigaina, House of Music, Proloco Cervignano, Parish San Michele, cultural Association of Porto Benandanti, and Qudu books.




3ème Biennale Internationale de l’Art Contemporain Casablanca


Curator of European section Cristina Ghetti has invited artists Egle Oddo and Timo Tuhkanen to show their recent research with Ark of Seeds project. The duo exhibits a video installation, a photo installation and a performance.

Venue of exhibition: Ex-Cathédrale du Sacré-Cœur, Parc de la Ligue Arabe, 20000 Casablanca, Morocco.
Days of exhibition: from 14.10. to 23.10.2016.


Mostapha Romli, Secrétaire Général de la Biennale Internationale de Casablanca, writes about 2016 edition: “This year exhibition is titled We, the People. Indeed, the world is transformed by individual acts put together: investments of economic actors, opinions of the intelligentsia influencing political leaders, and especially the succession of individual actions that might be considered trivial but, summed, become major. From America, Asia, Africa and Europe, the commissioners of Casablanca Biennial invited committed artists to urge us to bring our dreams into action.”

Casablanca Biennale has been initiated in 2012, after the Arab Spring, to renew bridges between different cultural regions in a climate of global change, and to mediate between tradition and progressive thinking.


Partners of event:
Fondation Maroc Premium, Ministry of Culture Morocco, The Oriental Agency.